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first post [Sep. 29th, 2003|06:24 pm]
circle one club


[music |germs - forming]

this is the circle one club, see user info for all things regarding the creation and guidelines of this forum. we started it basically because we were looking for an open forum of political discussion, but do whatever you want: trade tapes, recruit people for projects, post zine pages, solicit polls, start a band or a street team, shamelessly self-promote, educate people about a local scene, rant and rave, make a meaningful connection with people. that's what darby crash had in mind; we just took the fascism out.

[User Picture]From: a_clockworkgerm
2003-12-06 11:52 pm (UTC)
ok i just started a club sumwhat similar to this....but i have no fucking idea how to updat it could some one tell me email me DarbyCrash144@yahoo.com of IM me darbycrash144.
the club is Im_Darby_crash
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